Owner-Managed Businesses

As an owner and a manager, you are responsible for the strategic direction of the company, and you also perform many of the day-to-day functions. That means your attention is constantly diverted from long-range strategy to more short-term crises.
Privately Held CompaniesWith extensive experience in a diverse range of industries, ZRPC has a long history of tending to the needs of the privately held company. It is our mission to provide our clients with the expertise and resources of a large national firm while maintaining the close relationships and attention you would expect to receive from your local CPA.
Non-Profit OrganisationsZRPC takes a genuine interest in community initiatives which is demonstrated by the various senior volunteer positions held by our partners. This means that we keep on top of the fast changing regulatory requirements for this sector. We understand the challenges faces by Non-Profit organizations in trying to manage your resources effectively while trying to fulfill their social, economic and organizational commitments.